Branded Promotional Cryptocurrency Airdrops

DropCoin (DCO) seeks to foster the development of a decentralized ecosystem where a new form of social media marketing is created via the use of branded promotional coin airdrops.

For Businesses

DropCoin provides a bridge for its partners to reach crypto-consumers through the use of airdrops which are automated, secure, and targeted.


Automates enrollment and expedites the airdrop process for clients.


Airdrops are administered through a secure platform which helps reduce fraud, streamlines identity verification, and enables regulatory compliance.


Create targeted marketing campaigns based on client preferences such as token holdings, demographics, and geography.

For Consumers

Users receive branded promo coins, which function as micro lifecycle cryptocurrency, for the completion of campaign-specific tasks.

Task completion
Promo Coin

Users receive promo coins which can be staked and traded with DCO.

Promo Coin
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Let's answer the most common DropCoin questions.

1 What is DCO?

DCO is an abbreviation for DropCoin. DCO acts as a “pass through” and functions as the base pair for promo coins created by DCO community contributors.

2 What is an airdrop?

An airdrop allows users to receive free cryptocurrency independent of a purchase.

3 For whom is DropCoin?

Novice and advanced crypto users, but also consumers who are interested but not yet using crypto.

Client Industries like ICOs, entertainment, nonprofits and retail.

The DCO community will utilize its decentralized governance to fund philanthropic work.

4 What makes DCO different than other crypto projects?
  • Tangible, near term use cases
  • Promotes blockchain and cryptocurrency adoptions through secure, efficient, and targeted airdrops
  • The creation of a decentralized ecosystem that operates beyond the control of any individual or entity
  • Emphasis on philanthropic work
5 What problem does DCO solve?

Businesses are eager to tap into the crypto ecosystem but need a point of entry. Consumers expose themselves to security and privacy risks in signing up for airdrops from unknown sources. Staking and mining often require significant investment and is not understood by lay users.

6 What is a promo coin?

A "promo coin" is a branded form of cryptocurrency created by DCO community contributors which are airdropped to eligible recipients as the reward for the completion of tasks.

7 What is staking?

Staking is placing cryptocurrency coins in a digital wallet and using them to verify transactions on the network. Users are rewarded with coins by the network for verifying transactions.


Token Supply 11,000,000 DCO
Algorithm Quark
Protocol PIVX
Block Time 90 seconds
Mature Time 1 hour
Masternode Collateral 2,500 DCO
Proof-of-work phase
Block 1-1,000 102,500 DCO
Proof-of-stake phase
Block 1001-11,000 25 DCO
Block 11,001-21,000 10 DCO
Block 21,001-31,000 5 DCO
Block 31,001-11,000,000 2 DCO
  • 70% Masternodes
  • 30% Staking


Q1 2018

Refine concept. Establish core team. Draft white paper.

Q2 2018

Website release. Release white paper. Launch DropCoin testnet. Core infrastructure development. Begin community engagement.

Q3 2018

Wallet release. Begin airdrop registration. Launch DropCoin mainnet. Airdrop.

Q4 2018

Expand relationship development team. Begin client integration. Promo Coin pilot launch & pilot analysis. Refine airdrop mechanism.


Market expansion into niche industries. Mainstream adoption.


The DropCoin wallet allows you to send, receive and stake DCO. Download the wallet for your system.

Network contributors

Meet the people that are committed to DropCoin.

Alex Scott

Lucas Johnson

Jeffrey Paarhuis

Rene Katerberg

Aman Lokhandwala

Trent Rebeiro

Kevin Waithe

Steven Tran


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